Changes to the Trust Deed

From 2006 until March 2022 the object of the charity was quite vague. It stated that the trustees could provide ‘items, services and facilities for the school’. They could only support a ‘voluntary school’. Clearly this does not include an Academy so the Trust Deed had to be changed. This was done by the Secretary of State for Education in March 2022.

The trustees are now operating under an amended Trust Deed. The object of the charity has widened and now allows trustees to consider bids for funding from a much wider field of applicants.

Trust Deed Modification Order – March 2022

From the office of the Secretary of State for Education

The object of the charity is the provision of:

  1. Items, services, facilities and grants for the school and
  2. Scholarships, maintenance allowances or other financial assistance to promote the education of the School’s current or future pupils or its (or predecessor school’s) past pupils under the age of 25, or their preparation for entry into a profession, trade or calling.

Provided that any items, services, facilities or grants for the School shall be of a kind not normally funded by the local authority or central government.

This means that the charity can now accept bids from ex pupils who attended Ormskirk School up to the age of 25 years old, something that trustees used to do prior to the formation of Ormskirk School in 2001.